Past Episodes

Episode One, Faux-mance: A publicist tries to convince her client that a fake romance with a b-list celebrity is the *right* career move for her. 

Episode Two, We Need To TalkA boy tries to break-up with his girlfriend, because he's discovered that she's voting for Donald Trump.

Episode Three, Swipe Right On My Mom: A daughter tries to force her mother to join Tinder. It doesn't go as planned.

Episode Four, Swipe Right On My Mom Pt. Two: A mother matches with a not-so-nice guy on Tinder. She doesn't get it.

Episode Five, A Plea From A Reality TV Show Producer: A contestant wants to quit. The producer is doing everything she can to get her to stay. 

Episode Six, I QUIT: An employee drunk texts his employer to tell him that he's quitting. He's made a huge mistake.